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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is Augur Forex?
Answer: Augur Forex is a Forex Auto Trading Robot. It takes trading signals from 15 Technical Indicators in combination with fibo retracement. 
Question: Which trading platforms can be used for Augur Forex Robot?
Answer: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) terminal.
Question: Can I use it on any Currency Pair?
Answer: Augur Forex EA works with all currency pairs.
Question: Do you recommend Currency Pair(s) for good performance?
Answer: We recommend EURUSD for best results.
Question: Which Time Frame is good for this EA?
Answer: Minute-1 (M1) time frame.
Question: Can I run EA on more than one currency pairs in same account?
Answer: Yes, you can use EA on multiple currency pairs in same account. But for safe trading we advise to trade only any one pair in one account.
Question: Is hedging required with my broker?
Answer: Yes, hedging must be allowed in your account for working of EA.
Question: Any specific leverage required for this EA?
Answer: No. Augur Forex works with all leverages.
Question: My broker has wide spread, should I run Augur Forex on this broker's MT4?
Answer: Although Augur Forex EA can work with any spred but for better results we recommend Tight spread.
Question: I want to set TP & SL at my own, can I do that?
Answer: No, TP & SL are dynamic and hidden in Augur Forex EA trade logic.
Question: Do I require to run my computer 24x5?
Answer: Yes, EA works only when you computer is turned ON and connected to internet.
Question: Should I use VPS?
Answer: If you can't leave you computer turned ON and connected to internet 24x5, then we suggest VPS.
Question: I have only $500, Is Augur Forex for me?
Answer: Ofcourse! But for lower balance we suggest cent account.
Question: I am new to forex, can I use it?
Answer: Yes, Augur Forex is for novice traders as well as for well experienced tarders. Everyone can get benefit from this fantastic robot.
Question: Do you suggest any broker to use this EA?
Answer: Every forex broker, who provides hedging in MT4.

If your question is not listed here then please feel free to contact us at augurforex@gmail.com

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